Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flexing Their Email Muscles

We've all gotten upset as customers and we store owners have gotten upset at customers, it happens and sometimes less than civil things are said. But there is a line. I got an email today from a customer threatening to 'come down there and rub my face in my shitty business' and 'live to regret' messing with him. Those were his words, among many more. This is unacceptable on every level. If I had robbed him of his children I could understand, but I hadn't robbed him of anything, he was trying to get more out of me.

This all came about over the standard restocking fee I charge in one of my stores. It's stated in plain English not only on the return policy page, but also on the Terms and Conditions, Cart, Checkout, and Confirmation Pages. And in the confirmation order email. If an order is canceled before it ships there is no charge, but once it ships we charge 25% for returns. Simple as that. Well he didn't want to pay it so he started threatening us. Over about $40.

Think he would have done that in person? I don't. It amazes me what people think they can get away with over email. No one thinks they'll be held accountable. Well this guy is. He got a call from the cops and now has a file containing his threatening emails. If he tries it again he'll be arrested. The customer is always right only works for so long.